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Fresh Format to an Ancient Game

World Class Standards Reimagined

Bocce 2.0 is an updated version of the beloved Bocce yard game known the world over. Our refreshing tabletop design was born out of love for the competitive game, reimagined through the eyes of creative engineering and manufacturing. It brings us great joy to know the unique perspective behind the creation of Bocce 2.0 will bring healthy competition and intergenerational fun to people with wide-variations in physical ability.

What is Tabletop Bocce?: Products
Bocce 2_edited.jpg

Patent Pending Tabletop Design

Sturdy commercial grade aluminum

Nothing shaky about the Bocce 2.0 tabletop design. It has been engineered with quality and stability in mind, yet light enough to be moved when necessary.

Tabletop Bocce 2.0 is available in two sizes. The Championship Court has a substantial 4' wide x 15' long footprint, and the Family Court is a slightly trimmer size at 3' wide x 12' long. Both sizes of the Bocce 2.0 tabletop design have a presence of noticeable quality, while their 27" height allows for younger players or those with limited mobility.

The foot on each leg is adjustable, so the playing table is easily leveled. Locking casters are also available, allowing courts to be quickly and easily moved.

Bocce 2.0-20.jpg

Smooth Rolling Surface

Green Bocce turf with white foul lines

Each tabletop court features a single-piece artificial Bocce turf supported by a sturdy 10mm deck. This thoughtful Bocce 2.0 playing surface provides consistency and substance that keeps every game rolling smoothly.

Bocce 2.0-23.jpg

High-quality Bocce 2.0 Balls

Superior components for superior play

Bocce 2.0 is played using eight durable balls, four each of two colors, and a white Pallino target. Bocce 2.0 molded resin balls are durable enough to withstand enthusiastic play, while providing just enough spring to bounce your opponent away from scoring when competition gets fierce.

Bocce 2.0 Indoors or Outdoors

Indoors or Outdoors

Superior Engineering

A lot of technical thought was put into our unique tabletop design, which means Bocce 2.0 doesn't have to be confined to indoor play. Our Bocce 2.0 tabletop court benefits from weather-resistant materials that allow limited outdoor play when blue skies and light breezes call.


Tabletop Bocce 2.0

Fun for All

With its highly durable court and playing pieces, Bocce 2.0 can truly be enjoyed by players of all ages and all abilities.

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