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How to Play Bocce 2.0

If you know how to play Bocce, you know how to play Bocce 2.0!

We didn't reinvent the rules of Bocce when we created Bocce 2.0, we simply reimagined the court, its size, along with where and how it could be played.

Our patent-pending tabletop design is so impressive and easy to play, we know it is going to redefine WHO can join the fun! Tabletop Bocce 2.0 truly is fun for ALL ages and ALL abilities!

For those new to the game, or who need a refresher on the rules of play, please read below and you'll be up-to-speed in no time.

The Game of Bocce

An overview of the game

  1. The game of Bocce Ball has been played and loved worldwide by young and old.

  2. While Bocce is fun to play, it is also fun to watch as a spectator.

  3. No special sports attire or equipment is needed.

  4. Bocce has been played on a wide variety of surfaces--grass, clay, dirt, sand, etc.

  5. Bocce has been played both with and without boundary walls.

  6. Bocce is played with 8 larger balls called Bocce Balls, and one smaller target ball called the "Pallino" or "Jack" ball.

  7. The object of the game is to roll your Bocce Balls closer to the Pallino than your opponent rolls their Bocce Balls.

  8. Bocce can be one-on-one or team competitions.

  9. When Bocce is a team competition, team A will roll four balls of one distinctive color against Team B, who will roll four balls of a different distinctive color.

Games can be as follows:

  • One player vs. another player (four balls each player, and players move back and forth from one end of the court to the other to complete each Frame)

  • Two Teams of Two vs. Two Teams of Two (one vs. one on each end of the court, with each player rolling four balls of the same color)

  • Two Teams of Four vs. Two Teams of Four (two vs. two on each end of the court, with each player rolling two balls of the same team color)

Spectator participation and fun is limited only by your imagination and willingness to engage. Whether ad-hoc family gatherings or formalized league play, Bocce 2.0 is a fun and social activity.

Bocce 2.0 | Basic Rules of Play

The basis for Bocce 2.0 competitive fun begins here

  1. Flip the Bocce 2.0 coin. The winner plays first and chooses the ball color they or their team will play.

  2. When rolling Bocce 2.0 balls, players must not let their hands or arms go past the foul lines on their end of the court. The foul line is the white line closest to each end.

  3. To start the game, the winner of the coin toss rolls the Pallino which must pass the center line. If it does not pass the center line, or if it hits the back rail, the opposing team must roll the Pallino.

  4. The player who won the coin toss must roll the first Bocce 2.0 ball to start play. A player from the opposing team will then roll their first Bocce 2.0 ball toward the Pallino.

  5. The team whose ball is closest to the Pallino then steps aside to allow the opposing team to roll their ball, or balls.

  6. Play continues until a Bocce 2.0 ball is closer than the opponent's ball, and then the opponent rolls to get closer. Players can use their balls to hit and move other balls on the court.

  7. If a ball is rolled and it touches the back rail without touching the Pallino or another Bocce 2.0 ball, it is deemed out of play and must be removed from the court.

  8. Rolling Bocce 2.0 balls from one end of the court is called a "Frame." A Frame is completed when all Bocce 2.0 balls have been rolled by each team.

  9. Only one team may score in each "Frame." That team scores one point for each ball that is closer to the Pallino than any of the opposing team's balls.

  10. The first team to score 10 points wins the match.

How Do You Play Tabletop Bocce?: Features
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