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Play Bocce Anywhere

Tabletop Bocce 2.0 can be played in a small area and is easily moved from indoor family activity room to outdoor lanai.

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Tabletop Bocce

Enjoy Bocce Like Never Before

Fun for ALL Ages and ALL Abilities

Do you wish there was a bocce court that could be played both indoors and outdoors? Now there is.

Bocce 2.0 is a game-changing update to the ball sport known and loved the world over.

We're excited to bring a fresh, new, patent-pending tabletop format to one of the world's most popular sports, building community through healthy competition!

If you enjoy active gaming that bridges generations and physical abilities, explore our site to learn more. We’re sure you will LOVE Bocce 2.0 too!

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Fun Bocce Facts



Ancient Game

The earliest game of Bocce is believed to have been documented in a painting depicting two boys playing a game with rocks. The painting was discovered in an Egyptian tomb dating back to 5200 B.C.


Today's Game

The game of Bocce traces its roots through Roman and Greek cultures before finding its way into Italy, where it was popularized in its current form. Bocce was brought to the United States by Italian immigrants, gaining first footing in the state of California as recently as 1989.



Bocce is the third most popular sport in the world, behind soccer and golf.


Bocce 2.0

Like everything, the game of Bocce has been modified and adapted throughout time, evolving from a pastime involving rocks and sand, to the specially-engineered tabletop sporting court you see here today.


Inclusive Competition

Boccia is a modified version of Bocce designed to allow players with motor skill impairments the ability to participate in an activity involving accuracy and strategy. The tabletop design of Bocce 2.0 is a perfect alternative court for this inclusive sport, especially when limited space requires a smaller footprint.

For more information on how to get your very own Bocce 2.0 sport table, contact us using the form below or click the button to continue.

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